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Android工程師 Software Engineer

Job Description

1.負責行動裝置訂位、買餐券、ERP及數據分析等軟體之設計以及程式撰寫 2.規劃執行軟體架構及模組之設計,並控管軟體設計進度。 3.對O2O營銷模式、電子商務有熱誠及想法並協助研發軟體新技術及工具 4.進行軟體之測試與修改 5.規劃、執行與維護量產的產品 6.自發性、執行能力強、勇於跳出框架思考的能力


1.兩年以上的Android 開發經驗 2.資訊工程科系或相同專業知識,在於data structure, algorithm, computer architecture, networking等領域 3.具敏捷開發經驗 4.具有良好溝通、表達能力 5.寫出乾淨,穩定的程式碼及文件

• 履歷應包含學歷,工作履歷及各項工作、開發經驗、作品。 歡迎提供參與作品、app project, GitHub project

會計專員 FA Senior Associate

Job Description

  1. 每月財務報表編制
  2. 應收付帳款管理
  3. 所得稅申報、營業稅申報、納稅事項、稅務業務處理
  4. 公司內稽內控制度規劃


1.會計事務所經驗,兩年以上 2.公司會計財務相關經驗,一年以上 3.熟 ERP 系統相關經驗者尤佳


Job Description

1.提供專業客戶服務改善方針,以提升營運管理及公司專業形象與客戶滿意度 2.分析客訴資料及彙整解決方案輔導培訓客服人員,提昇人員成熟度與專業力。 3.重大客訴案件處理。 4.規劃部門人力配置,提升部門之人力素質並發揮最佳效用,達成部門營運目標之達成



人資專員 Analyst, Global Talent

Job Description

1.執行人員招募、異動與任用作業 2.規劃與執行公司訓練發展 3.專案管理與策劃 4.熟悉人事薪酬、勞動法規及文書工作 5.其他主管交辦事項


1.邏輯清晰反應靈敏,問題剖析明確 2.多重專案管理能力 3.3年以上工作經驗 4.具備數字概念,需Excel報表分析能力

Company Description

EZTABLE 易訂網 was founded in 2008 with the mission of creating first online restaurant reservation platform for both restaurateurs and consumers in Taiwan. Currently more than 600 restaurants and hotels have joined our platform, creating more than 100,000 reservations per month.

Company Culture

We're moving fast and have a team of 70 super passionate, smart people who pride themselves on exceptional quality work. Our office environment is creative, non-traditional, collaborative and a lot of fun, so if you have passion for delivering elegant solutions and you're looking for an early stage company with scope to grow with a stack of interesting challenges, read on.
Please send your resume tocareer@eztable.com

*** We won't ask you to fill out useless job application.Therefore please provide a detailed and professional resume in the email.

*** Also be aware that this is a fast growing company backed by internationally well-known VCs with great potential. If you are looking for an S&P 500 company or government-like job, this is not.